Lawn Jockey Boy

Concrete Lawn Jockey Boy


Classical Statuary Piece

Jocko Lawn Jockey

Jocko lawn jockey boy

Lawn Jockey Boy: Plain – $80 / Painted – $130

Measurements: 26″ high x 10″x15″ oval base

Weight: 77 lbs

Completely reinforced with rebar and metal hanger for lantern


This awesome piece has a metal ring integrated into the cast and is perfect for a hanging a solar light.  Custom colors available.  Traditionally this piece is painted as an African America, but we like to offer all colors.

Lantern not included.

jockey boy and Azuki jockey short4 Jocko jockey short

The “Jocko” style

Lawn Jockey Boy Concrete Yard Garden Statue
Lawn Jockey wikipedia article

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