Cavalier Lawn Jockey

Concrete Cavalier Lawn Jockey 

Classical Statuary Piece

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Lawn Jockey

Lawn Jockey

A metal ring is integrated into the cast and is perfect for a hanging a light (wired or solar).  We offer custom color schemes too.  Send us a picture and we can match racing silks.

Cavalier Lawn Jockey: $180 plain – $190 plain & wired – $240 painted – $250 painted and electric wire installed (12″ extending from hand 12″ on the base).  Please contact us with questions or special paint/coloring/wire requests.  Note: Some paint schemes will cost more.

Measurements: 44″ high x 14″ square base

Weight: 115 lbs

Completely reinforced with rebar and metal hanger for lantern

A total of four spans of rebar through all limbs including the head.

Lantern not included.

Lawn Jockey Cavalier Boy Concrete Yard Garden Statue

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lawn jockey
jockey tall 4
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This solar mason jar we found at Home Depot looks great with the jockeys.  Can be included for an additional $15.

The “Cavalier Spirit” style

Lawn Jockey wikipedia article

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