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Lawn Concrete Statuary

Welcome to Shenandoah Statuary.  We make beautiful concrete statuary for lawns and gardens.

All of our pieces are handmade and hand painted.  Custom colors available.

Akiko just painted these.

jockey boy and Azuki Lawn Jockey

Japanese Lantern
Pagoda Lantern

Gearing up for a pour.  Worst haircut I’ve ever received.  It was so bad I had to shave it.

Other pieces we make can be seen at

At least four weeks lead time right now.

Lawn Ornaments, Statues, Gardens, Castings, Water

Fountain, yard, molds, mold, decoration

Northern Virginia statuary – Virginia statuary

Where can I buy statuary in Virginia?

Water Garden  – concrete statuary – Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Statues in VA